Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

What is oncoplastic breast surgery?

Also called aesthetic oncology, oncoplastic surgery of the breast is an exciting and innovative method to treat breast cancer. The word ‘oncoplastic’ is derived from the Greek words ‘onco’ (tumor or mass) and ‘plastia’ (to mold).  In the English language, the suffix ‘-plasty’ means to mold or form surgically.

This concept of oncoplastic breast surgery is based on using reconstructive surgical techniques to shape the remaining breast, or alternately to form a new breast, following excision of breast tissue. Also included is the correction of imbalance in the natural remaining breast.

Currently, surgery remains the mainstay of treatment for breast cancer in the majority of cases.  Oncoplastic breast surgery is a welcome idea to women with breast cancer who not only are coping with the diagnosis and life changing implications of breast cancer, but also the possibility of disfiguring surgery to their breast.