Making the Most of Your Doctor’s Appointment

It can be very stressful to walk into the doctor’s office.  The fear of the unknown is incredibly overwhelming.  Here are some tips to make your visit as easy as possible:

*Be a few minutes early to your appointment.  It is very stressful to run in at the last minute.

*Make sure you bring what is asked of you.  Specifically, Dr Bednarski requires mammogram films—NOT discs–to see a new patient.  Bring ID and your insurance card.

*Do not hide/ withhold information.  The more that your doctor knows, the better she can help you.  It is best to be truthful.

*The doctor is not there to judge your choices, but to help you–this includes your diet, smoking, alcohol and drug use, sexual history and physical activity.

*Bring a list of medications–this should include prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements and vitamins

*Know and describe your allergies to medications and foods.  Environmental allergies should also be included

*Talk about your concerns.  If something does not make sense, ASK!!

*Ask questions about tests and test results.

*Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, or anticipate becoming pregnant in the near future (or are actively trying to conceive).  There are certain medications and procedures which may not be suitable for you.

*Make sure you understand how to take medications before you leave the office.

*Don’t feel ashamed to ask questions until you understand.

*Bring a family member or trusted friend to your appointment.  It always helps to have an extra set of eyes and ears.  BUT don’t bring the whole gang.

*Make sure you know if your doctor’s office can accommodate you for language interpretation or disability–DON’T assume that they can.

*List your questions and concerns, but understand that they may not all be answered in one visit.